tethered rides

 The festival will feature tethered hot air balloon rides.*


(Tickets can be purchased at festival - Cash Only - No Reservations)

PLEASE NOTE:  All passengers are required to sign a Release & Waiver of Liability.
Passengers under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign the waiver on their behalf.

*NOTE: Times & availability of tethered balloon rides are    subject to weather and safety conditions.

 Tickets: $20/person 

ride times

 Friday, Nov. 8 

4:00 PM -

7:00 PM

 Saturday, Nov. 9 

3:00 PM -

7:00 PM

 Sunday, Nov. 10 

3:00 PM -

7:00 PM

 What To Know About Tethered Balloon Rides: 

 -  Balloons will not be flying.  Tethered means they are tied off to the ground with ropes.

 -  Do NOT RIDE if you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant.
 -  The total number of people we'll be able to provide tethered rides to depends on weather, wind, and the number of balloons available. All of these factors may change and are beyond control of the festival's pilots and management team.
​  -  Tethered rides normally last 4 to 5 minutes and go up to a height of about 50 feet.
  -  Tickets sold at the
Tethered Balloon Rides tent inside festival.  No Advanced ticket sales. Cash only.
  -  Rides are available first come, first served. 
  -  Children under 42" tall may not ride without a parent or guardian.
  -  Sometimes small children may be frightened by the balloon heaters, so little ones might not enjoy the experience.
  -  There are a limited number of rides available for each session. We expect demand to be high, so plan to arrive early. No one is guaranteed a tethered ride and operations may stop based upon safety concerns of each individual pilot.
  -  Participants should be in generally good physical condition. Passengers must have the ability to climb over side of the basket since they may not be equipped with doors. Some baskets with higher sides have step holes to help you get in and out.
  -  Rides are not recommended for anyone who has had recent surgery, or have a medical condition that leaves them in a weakened state.
  -  Passenger weight is limited to approximately 275 lbs. per person
  -  Typically balloons can carry 2 to 3 people at a time.  Larger groups of riders may be split up over multiple lifts or balloons. 

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